Computer Refurbishing and Support Capabilities
safety stock of computers

Your technology assets are valuable. Reduce costly down-time by partnering with a proven leader in equipment refurbishment.

Advanced Systems has staff dedicated to ensuring that your equipment stays up and running. We specialize in corporate accounts ranging from several similar units to hundreds of thousands of units. This equipment can be brought back to life much more economically than it would be to replace. cleaning supplies

Professionally trained technicians will:

  1. Review and record receipt of each piece of equipment
  2. Identify equipment failure
  3. Make any necessary repairs
  4. Clean the equipment to restore cosmetic appeal as well as reduce chance of future failure from dust and dirt
  5. Package the equipment for safe transit back to your location
  6. Record all details of the repair process for reporting

Our engineering department will evaluate your products as they are being refurbished. With the data that is collected, there may be opportunities to reduce future failures by using our assistance to identify recurring problems and offer solutions. Advanced Systems is more than just a repair facility - we are problem solvers.

Does your company have multiple locations throughout the state, country, or world? We will ensure the accurate tracking of your assets as they enter and leave our facility.

Our repair lab and warehousing facilities collaborate to hold a safety stock of your equipment to respond to your immediate needs. Never worry again about equipment downtime with Advanced Systems.

Example of Lab Data Collection Your products are tested in a modern lab capable of capturing all details of your product diagnostics and repair. Quality, accuracy, fast response, and dependability all describe the level of service you will come to expect from Advanced Systems. Troubleshooting and repairs can be made all the way down to the component level. Tracking equipment test results by serial number and reporting the results back for your accounting department are completed with ease. Advanced Systems also has the ability to update your own asset tracking software as products are tested.